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Fast & Effective
Solutions for New And Existing Distilleries

Granbury, TX

Distillery Now Consulting Services

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Free Introductory Consultation

We can quickly assess your goals and provide solutions for your distillery. 
Whether you are in the early planning phase or you are an operating distillery that needs to grow, we can help get you on the right track. We offer a free initial consultation to gain an understanding of your needs and show how our services can assist you.

Installing a Carl batch still

Equipment Installation
and Brokering

With years of experience, assembling, and building equipment for distilleries, we have the knowledge and resources to install and move equipment. Distillery Now Consulting can quickly have your equipment safely assembled, tested and operating.


We also offer turnkey brokering services to sell, remove and relocate equipment.  

Vendome Pot Still

Complete Distillery Solutions

We are experts in craft distilling and distillery operations. We can quickly assess your needs and provide affordable solutions.
Our services include: 
-Product Concept and Business Planning
-Product Development
-Equipment Sizing and Selection
-Distillery Planning
-Project Management
-Recipe Development
-General Advisory

-Distillery Cat Selection
-Safety Program Implementation

About Distillery Now Consulting

We offer a wide range of services and assistance to craft distilleries.

We can provide the tools and expertise to design, start up and grow your business.

Whether you need guidance with distillery design, equipment selection,

equipment startup, troubleshooting, product recipes, selecting the perfect distillery cat or need to sell some distillery equipment or just need a turn key solution,


Distillery Now can help guide you to the right answers.

We partner with our clients from start to finish by focusing on their needs to deliver easily implemented solutions.


Distillery Now Consulting is here to help you.

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