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About Distillery Now Consulting

Distillery Now is run by Kris Bohm with lots of help from a team of talented distillers

Through years of experience in distilling we know the industry inside and out. We have helped distilleries small and large on diverse projects.


Kris Bohm is an award winning distiller who has designed built and managed multiple distilleries throughout the United States. With his expertise, he can help you quickly clear the hurdles needed to get your distillery running.

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Some of Bohm's projects include:

  • Distilling bourbon and Distillery Management of Ascendant Spirits (CA)

  • Distillery design, build out, on a Forsyth column still     Product development for Still Austin Whiskey Company (TX)

  • Equipment design, start up, management, and recipe design whiskey program for Grand Canyon Distillery (AZ)

  • Safety program and operations optimization for Skagway Distillery (AK)

  • Continuous column still design, testing and equipment startup for Dead Oak Distilling Co. (WA)

  • TTB permitting for Lucky Sign Spirits

  • Equipment sell and removal for H&C Distillery (Smokewagon) (NV)

  • Equipment Design and Install for Milam & Greene Distillery (TX)

Bohm has created award winning Gin, Rum, Vodka and Whiskey recipes. Along with his award winning recipes he has worked with batch stills and continuous stills from multiple manufacturers. 


Our diverse experience allows us to bring you solid solutions

Drop us a line to set up a free consultation today.

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