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Birdseye Hollow Farm and Distillery

In 2023 we started working with Birdseye Hollow Farm and Distillery, located in Hammondsport New York. This distillery was created as an extension of a maple syrup farm with the goal to produce spirits from the waste of Maple Syrup production and also to make grain to glass whiskey. All of the primary equipment installed at Birdseye was purchased used to fast track procuring equipment and starting up. The still came from Bridgetown and the cooker and fermentors Specific Mechanical. Distillery Now designed the heating and cooling processes for the distillery and also assembled the distilling equipment. When the equipment was piped up and ready to run we spent a week onsite with the owner and distiller to start up the equipment and train the team on safe use of the equipment. This project went from idea to operating in only 14 months.

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